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Godly Children Better World

About Us

Godly Children Better World is a Godly Competition for children ages 7 – 17.

The purpose for the Godly Children Better World Program is drawn from the book of Psalm 119; 11 with the word of God in the heart of these kids, they will become Godly Ambassador for Christ and help to put a stamp to crime, gun violence and moral decadence.

The competition is an excellent opportunity for young people  to not only study from the bible, but to help them learn and improve their mental and physical abilities and also guide them to grow spiritually by learning discipline, good sportsmanship, and the grace offered by God through His Son Jesus Christ in a Godly competition.

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Bible Quiz

Dancing for the Kingdom

Scripture Memorization


Participants are expected to explore and read through the recommended book of the bible for the season. 

Participants will interpret the word of God through dancing. 

Participants are encouraged to search the scripture through reading and memorization. 

Participant will compete in a Godly soccer game were winning is not the focus