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Board of Directors


Models a well-rounded woman of faith as she gracefully wears her many hats. She walks loyally in her purpose and refuses to be limited by self-doubt, laziness or religion. Alero is big on many things and top of that list is her faith and her dedication to her family. She is happily married and they are raising their 2 Godly Adorable kids

Her passion to impact and empower others is evident through her charitable act and her willingness to help. Safe to say she is a born entrepreneur as she has successfully established and helped others established several thriving businesses. ​

Alero is the founder of Humanity Support USA an organization that assists low income families in Dallas Texas, she is also the founder of Rhema Montessori School in Texas, Alero s daycare in Texas and the convener of Laslero Support Foundation an initiatives that focus on supporting widows and sponsoring underprivileged children in Nigeria.

​She leads the Alero’s bible club [ABC] were she mentors kids ages 6-17yrs from different spheres of life. Prior to this, she worked with Centrica (British Gas) company in Leicester United Kingdom.

She does not only exemplify that success is always within reach, she also believes that in sharing the good news many will be encouraged to live a life worthy of their own calling.

Her exemplary lifestyle and passion to impact has made her a nominee and awardee of different awards. She is a graduate of University of Leicester United Kingdom.



Dr Kelly Johnson M.DDr.  KELLY JOHNSON M.D

The founder of Helping Hand Foundation a community supported organization that empowers women and girls through research, advocacy and Leadership training. she advances economic and leadership opportunities for women and girls to build stronger communities. She works across various projects and initiatives while also leading the Praying Parents Project (PPP) were she emphasizes of the importance of parent praying for their kids. Johnson loves God and has serves in multiple volunteer leadership roles supporting organizations that invest in the gospel of our Lord Jesus been spread across the globe. Following 24 years in healthcare administration and consulting, she is passionate about the power of research and innovation to save and improve lives. She is currently Chair of the Global Cardiovascular Research Funders Forum A native Texan, Dr. Johnson earned her Doctoral degree in Health Studies at

Texas Women’s University. She is also a graduate of the University of North Texas. A member of the Dallas Summit and also anchors Moms   Praying worldwide impacting children and schools for Christ in McKinney. She spends her free time cooking, reading, and traveling with her husband Bob, and their 2 Godly Children.



She is a respected Nurse Aid who has dedicated her career to championing equity and cultural diversity. She is one of the Dallas chapter coordinator of Moms Praying worldwide impacting children and schools for Christ exemplifying what she shares mostly about marriage and motherhood as well as mentoring teenagers. She is the founder of B&Q Company which consists of B&Q group homes that looks after veterans in Texas, B&Q food in Texas and Nigeria which is a catering service and B&Q Foundation in Nigeria a nonprofit organization that assist orphans. A passionate philanthropist who is strong in her faith as a Christian and dedicated to her family. She is happily married, and they are raising their 3 Godly Kids. She is a graduate of the Nigeria Aviation School and had worked in various airways in Nigeria.